Celebrate life (english/deutsch) von Maia (Svea)

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Titel: Celebrate life
Autor: Svea
E-Mail: svea.f@gmx.de
Version: 7.Mai 2005
Disclaimer: Hab mir nur mal eben Mac ausgeliehen... Just borrowed Mac for this... der deutsche Teil dieser FF ist von meiner Mutter... the German part is written by my mother...
Inhalt: Ein Traum... a dream...


When she wakes up in the morning the sun was shining and shadows where dancing all over the floor. Amazed she watched them, thinking about what to do today. Maybe going out and looking for something new. Yes, something new! Whenever she was going into the forest there was ever something new to explore.
She got up totally hopeful and dressed quickly. After a brief breakfast she run and opened the door.
Following the rain yesterday the air was clear and fresh. Sarah loved it ‘cause nowadays it didn’t rain really often.
When she was walking out and her feet touched the grass she felt the leftover of water. Giggling she dashed over the place getting fast near the trees.
Full of live the young girl entered the wood. All around her birds were singing, some squirrels were playing ‘hide and seek’ whit a few rabbits and a lizard was sitting on the biggest stone in the sun.
Sarah looked in amazement as a yellow butterfly landed on the stone where the lizard was sitting. It looks like they were good friends ‘cause the lizard talked whit the butterfly like it appeared to her.
Smiling she went on, deeper and deeper in the forest.
Past what seemed to her being several hours she reached a little house, it was more a cabin ‘cause it only had one room.
In front of the cabin there was a little porch built out of rocks and wood. A casket was lying on something that remembers Sarah to an bench. Curious she went over and pick it up, when she wanted to open it a voice filled the porch. Scared the girl turn around and looked into the face of an old woman.
“Don’t be scared, Sarah, I won’t do any harm to you. I indeed am glad that you find your way to me. You wanna know what’s inside of this box?”
The woman seemed to be nice and even if Sarah wondered how it came she know her name she had somehow the feeling that she can trust her.
“Yes, I wanna know what’s inside...”, Sarah said exited then she asked: “What’s your name? Who are you?”
The woman laughed amused and answered: “Well, I’ve got a lot of names. Some used to call me Wonder. You asks me who I am? I am all myself, no ones servant, no one else. But now I wanna tell you what’s in this case.”
And here is what little Sarah was told this day on the porch:

...in diesem Kästchen,
da sind meine geheimsten Geheimnisse....
und wenn ich das Kästchen öffne
höre ich die schönste Musik
- die Musik der Liebe -
- die Musik von zuhause -

oft, wenn ich traurig bin
dann öffne ich das Kästchen
und atme die Essenz ein
- die Essenz der Liebe -
- die Essenz von zuhause -

und dann weiß ich wieder
daß ich nicht mehr alleine bin
sondern geborgen und geliebt

das Kästchen
ist geschmückt mit vielen Symbolen
deren Bedeutung ich vergaß
und es duftet
nach Rosen, Lavendel und Sandelholz
manchmal nach Mandelblüten
auch nach Orangen
und Zitronen

wenn ich es öffne
kommt die Erinnerung
und die Hoffnung
wie Ebbe und Flut

und so
wie ich das Kästchen öffne
so öffne ich mein Herz
alles, was in dem Kästchen ist
ist auch in meinem Herzen
und in deinem...

jeden Abend verschließe ich das Kästchen
und stelle es
in die kleine geheime Höhle
meines Lieblingsbaumes

und jeden Morgen
schaue ich in den Baum
hole das Kästchen hervor
öffne es vorsichtig...
und finde ein neues Geheimnis darin

ich öffne es vorsichtig
denn ich träumte
daß irgendwann
ein Schmetterling daraus hervor fliegt
sich auf meine Schultern setzt

sein Geheimnis

Sarah listened thoughtful, she couldn’t imagine that there should be so much in such a tiny box. A butterfly telling his secret, music, memory, hope and love. And this all should be in this tiny rosewood box! Could it be that the butterfly Wonder was talking about was the one she watched talking whit the lizard earlier that day? What was his secret?
“I see, you wanna know what’s the secret of this butterfly”, Wonder smiled.
Sarah nodded. How did she know?
“Well, the secret he told me in that dream was to celebrate life”, a bit later Wonder went on, “Sarah, I want to give this casket to you. It should remember you to celebrate every day in your life.” Whit these words Wonder, cabin, wood, field, birds, squirrels, rabbits, the lizard, the butterfly and even the palace disappeared. Only the box and Sarah were being left.
Celebrate life...

Totally relaxed Sarah opened her eyes this morning, the sun was shining and it seemed to be a lovely day.
A scarp of the dream she had this night came to her mind... Celebrate life... yes, that’s what she was going to do!

Fin... Ende...

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