Bones- 3x03 Death in the Saddle Fotos

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RE: Bones- 3x03 Death in the Saddle Fotos

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While camping, a boy stumbles across a decaying, maggot-infested body. Booth, Brennan, and Cam show up at the crime scene. The body is meaty, and Bones wants to know why she was pulled along. A quick-thinking Cam notes that the feet have been hacked off, suggesting bone trauma.
Back at the lab, Brennan and Cam observe the body. He’s been dead four days. His hands were tied before death and his feet hacked off after death. Hodgins enters with news about the ongoing hunt for Angela’s first husband. A therapist wants to hypnotize Angela into remembering anything about her husband that could possibly help in hunting him down. Hodgins also has news on the body: the shiny substance on the victim’s nose and mouth is a specialized sunscreen used on horses. Searching through the stomach, Cam finds raw oats and molasses…horse food. Booth has the victim’s name: Ed Milner, or Mr. Ed.

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